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Brigadeiro's Whitepaper

As Brigadeiro is now managed by the community, our whitepaper is under "Work in Progress" status. That is, new items will soon be added/updated according yo what we consider is best for Brigadeiro's success!

Contract: 0x5B69eAbF1c748F590F60906D964158DBA0F53285




The world is always in motion, and we are constantly changing. The important changes
can be easily acknowledged or perceived, but what we do want is to be part of them.
As well as people’s behavior and technology change, the financial universe follows
innovations the future brings, such as new ways to make money and invest. Currently,
cryptography is probably at the top of this list of novelties. As a recent market, there are
vast possibilities of investment. We have learned that remarkable projects can be
created based on adequate management and willingness to do something important,
along with the support of a strong community. Everyone wins!

The challenges and advantages are notable and proportionate. Together, we can earn
a lot financially, and we can also distribute some of that income to those in need. This
project is born out of a double will - taking advantage of the moment, still initial, of
turning from the traditional market to a global and more technological financial market
and, at the same time carrying out one of the oldest human aid practices: charity. In
this project, our focus is on donations to underprivileged children. As part of the
challenge already faced, we left old paradigms aside and opened ourselves to new
ones. We created a solid project with purpose, and now we want to create a strong
community so that the benefits come to everyone.


What is Brigadeiro.Finance? Why have we chosen this name?

We want to bring together the newest way to invest your money and the intent to help
those in need at the same time. Our charity project aims to make donations to
institutions dedicated to caring for children in need. We believe in the power of youth to
transform the world, and we also believe that income distribution can be one of the
possibilities to foster this transformation; after all, we all want a more equal, or less
unequal, world.
But how can this happen when I make an investment with Brigadeiro? How am I going
to help? We have a portfolio specially designed for donations, once since the beginning
it is composed of 5% of the total coins launched by Brigadeiro. Whenever a purchase
or sale transaction is carried out, all Holders of the currency and the donation portfolio
(which is in essence a portfolio holder) earn more coins. This surplus will be exclusively
intended to help those in need, therefore, everyone who trades the currency will be
contributing to this portfolio earning income.

The amount of money colected will always be converted into actions on behalf of needy
children, whatever the scenario. We can, together, help institutions dedicated to
learning, developing physical activities or helping children on treatments for cancer,
autism, among others. We do not want to be tied to any particular institution, as we
believe that there are many more possibilities and needs than we know today, and in
this sense the community will also be extremely important, as we want to be
constructive and we are sure that the sky is the limit.

We will make the first donation within the week of the coin launch and we are very
much looking forward to this day! Afterwards, as transparently as possible, we will
publicize all new donations, and the more the community grows, the more we will be
able to donate.
Now let’s go back to the question why Brigadeiro.Finance? First of all, we love
brigadeiros, but more importantly, we believe that Brazilian sweets are recognized
worldwide and well accepted at all times. Brigadeiros are a kind of comfort food and
always bring joy to children; so we want to be like the brigadeiros: authentic Brazilians
friendly to everyone.


We are a deflationary Token; this means that there is a total launched and there is no
way to mine or create more coins. With each purchase and sale transaction a part of it
is extinguished from the market. Increasing the scarcity we help to make
Brigadeiro.Finance more and more valuable. In addition, another part is distributed
among all investors who hold the Brigadeiros. So, just hold on and you can earn
income in your currency!


100% of Brigadeiro.Finance stands for 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

Of the total

30% was burned on launch

13,5% was intended for the creators and administrators of the project

5% was intended to maintenance and administration of the project

5% was destined to an exclusive portfolio for donations
46,5% made available to the community on launch


Contract was waived on launch.
Having the contract renounced by our team means that this code can never be
changed and that it will belong 100% to the Brigadeiro.Finance community. It's your
token, it's mine, it's from the Brigadeiro.Finance community! Let's take care of it.
To speed up the token burning process, we burn 30% on launch.

       Burned LP
We don't have access to the LP, which means that it is impossible to our team to
recover the money in the Liquidity Pool. The money is 100% from the
Brigadeiro.Finance community!

        4% is burned in each transaction
The more people trade, the more tokens will be burned and the more it will be worth.
For this, 4% of each transaction is automatically extinguished from the market. Every
day, our token becomes more rare and valuable.

       6% commission for investors
For each transaction, 6% is distributed among investors, proportional to what each one
owns. The token quote may even go down, but your balance never stops going up!

         Donations Portfolio
Our team will have access to a portfolio composed of 5% of the total Supply, just as
investors receive 6% of the transaction fee, this portfolio also receives and this is how it
increases and that makes it possible to allocate values to charity. Transactions will be
100% transparent and aimed at those who need it: children. All income from this
portfolio will go to different projects throughout Brazil.


The portfolio management will be as transparent as possible. We will announce on all
our social networks the Institutions that will receive the donations, as well as the
amounts and receipts issued. Our biggest goal is to turn our investment into profit and
offer a percentage to donation with the best of our hearts. We are all open to the
community and we believe in its power!

You can find us online:







Contract: 0x5b69eabf1c748f590f60906d964158dba0f53285 Exchange

BSCScan Info:

Brigadeiro.Finance is a token traded by Binance Smart Chain (BSC). To acquire it you
will need to use a decentralized broker such as PancakeSwap and to keep it you will
need to have a portfolio such as Trust Wallet or Metamask .

To learn more about the Binance Smart Chain:

To learn more about the Trust Wallet ou a Metamask:

To learn more about the PancakeSwap:



This is a recent market and is still being explored in its various forms of application; it is
common to know very little about it. Here in Brazil we still have little development in the
subject of financial education, be conscious and do some research until you feel secure
in terms of information before investing. In the bibliography there is a link that helps
explain specifically how Tokens work, which is the case of our currency. Good reading.
Here we separate some topics in accordance with the CVM document – Real Estate
Securities Commission – some information about cryptoactives and also the risks
related to them.

       Cryptoactives are virtual assets, protected by cryptography, present
       exclusively in digital records, whose operations are performed and stored in a
       computer network. These assets arose with the intention of allowing individuals
       or companies to make payments or electronic financial transfers directly to
       other individuals or companies, without the need for intermediation by a
       financial institution. Such purpose would serve - including - for international
       payments or transfers. There are currently hundreds of cryptoactives, among
       which the pioneer and best known is Bitcoin. Each of them works based on its
       own set of rules, defined by its creators and developers. The operation of
       cryptography is based on a decentralized registration technology, a type of
       accounting or ledger distributed in a point-to-point network of computers
       scattered around the world. Every transaction carried out is disclosed to the
       network, and will only be accepted after a complex validation system and a kind
       of consensus of the majority of network participants. Thus, operations are
       practically irreversible, for example: if an owner tries to reuse assets already
       traded (so-called “double spend”), the computer network would reject the
       transaction, a characteristic that would eliminate the need for an intermediary.
       (...) The ownership of these virtual assets is not verified by proving the identity
       of their holder, but by a secret password that, through encryption techniques,
       allows transactions to be carried out almost anonymously, without the parties
       have to disclose any information they do not wish

       (...)Over time, it became clear that the technologies that made the first
       cryptoactives work, such as Bitcoin, could be used for other purposes. The
       distributed network of computers would not only do the registration and
       validation of transactions, but could also run programs, register contracts and
       execute them autonomously, without the intervention of intermediaries. The
       possibility of translating a contract into source code and entrusting its execution
       to a distributed computer network brought innumerable application possibilities.
       The first major manifestation of the potential of this new use of technology was
       the phenomenon of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), or initial offering of virtual
       assets. Companies or projects at an early stage of growth found in ICO a tool to
       raise financial resources from the public. In return, they issue virtual assets in
       favor of investors. The most common denominations of these virtual assets
       issued are cryptocurrencies or tokens. Tokens, which grant different rights to
       their holders, can be divided into at least two categories, depending on the type
       of right granted: tokens that grant access to a company's service, platform or
       project, in the form of a license of use or of credits to consume a good or
       service; and tokens that grant investors rights to share in the enterprise's results,
       or pre-fixed remuneration on invested capital, or even vote at meetings that
       determine the direction of the issuer's business. (...)

Be very cautious! The inherent characteristics of the cryptoactive market make
it clear that there are potential risks to users and investors. We warn you below
about some of these risks, without intending to exhaust the subject.

Fraud risk: The cryptoactive market has been a frequent object of fraud
committed by criminals who are attracted by the cross-border profile of the
operations, the anonymity and other particularities of this market. (...) This
market has also suffered from crimes of manipulation, carried out through
organized schemes for disseminating false news and marketing strategies, with
the sole purpose of inflating prices to sell assets (called “pump&dump”
schemes ).

Liquidity risk and high volatility of virtual assets: Liquidity in finance can be
understood as the ease with which a certain asset can be converted into
currency (sold) at a fair price. With regard to cryptoactives, therefore, liquidity
risk is the risk of not finding a buyer for a certain amount of the cryptoactive at
the price quoted in the market. Such risk may limit the possibility of converting
the asset into fiat currency, or else lead to potential losses if you decide to sell it
at any price. In addition, the trading prices of these cryptoactives have been
highly volatile, which can cause partial or total loss of the value invested in them.

Specific risks of non-regulation or the cross-border nature of operations: When
not regulated, markets present operational risks related to trading environments,
virtual assets and systems not monitored by regulators. (...) With regard to the
custody of these virtual assets, investors may be exposed to risks related to the
storage of encryption and escrow passwords. There are many cases of loss of
bitcoins and other cryptoactives due to the disappearance of passwords, or due
to attacks on insecure wallets, depending on the type of custody solution
adopted. It is also worth mentioning that the inexistence of formal processes for
adapting the investor's profile to the project's risk (suitability) increases the
possibility of exposing investors to risks that are sometimes greater than they
would be willing or able to assume. (...)

Cyber risks: Virtual assets are heavily dependent on unconsolidated
technologies, which expose them to possible operational failures and cyber
threats associated with asset management and custody, such as attacks on
infrastructure or systems, and compromise of access credentials, which may
imply the temporary unavailability or even the total loss of the invested amounts.



In “How to Buy” the applications and decentralized brokers that were mentioned have
no obligation to Brigadeiro and vice versa. These are just means that may or may not
be used to obtain Brigadeiro coins, there are other companies that do these services.

The “Additional information about cryptoactives” were withheld from the internet and
were not produced by Brigadeiro.Finance, they are bibliographies with the intention of
helping the financial education of Brazilian society.

This whitepaper describes current developments in the project and does not constitute
any form of advice. This document is for informational purposes only and is not a
forward-looking statement. There are no guarantees for the successful development or
complete accuracy of the information contained herein.

Brigadeiro.Finance is not intended to constitute securities in any jurisdiction. The
Whitepaper is not intended to be a prospectus or offering document, it is not intended
as a solicitation or offer to buy securities, or exchange securities. This document does
not guarantee that laws or regulations in your jurisdiction will be complied with.

This document is not an investment advice or purchase recommendation.
Brigadeiro.Finance is volatile and is a risky investment. Do not risk anything that you
are not willing to lose. Be wary of any individual or organization that promises you any
guarantee of profit. Every investment has risks and it is your responsibility to manage
them. If you don't have the knowledge or ability to do this, it is recommended that you
seek out a qualified professional.


                                                                       Muito Obrigado,
                                                             Equipe Brigadeiro.Finance
                                                                   31/05/2021 – Brasil.